Emojify your brand

Engage fans by creating your own emoji and digital stickers that can be shared through mobile messaging apps.

Emoji All-Stars' premium, custom-created emojis and app give you a relatable way to extend the reach of your brand, delight enthusiasts, and become part of your fans' conversations.


Let your emotions show

The best emoji experience focuses on lasting value for users while reporting actionable insights. Digital stickers enable users to decorate their conversation with your brand, and enhance their ability to convey complex emotions. This can help you understand how your brand is perceived, an insight previously impossible to discover.

The key(board) to our success

The Emoji All-Stars team has over five years of experience building high-quality mobile apps that have helped growth-oriented companies reach the next level. We're using our app expertise to invent new mobile messaging opportunities.

A picturesque relationship

We're a full service mobile development team that can turn anything into an emoji, publish to app stores, and analyze its impact. Our process lets you focus on results, not the administrative details.

The right team for you

Relatable communication

Emoji express feelings that words alone cannot. Our team designs experiences that resonate with users and align with your brand.

Technical mastery

The bar for what makes a great app is rising every day. Our team is at the forefront of the mobile landscape.

Actionable insights

Your brand is emojified, now what? Our team helps you look at the marketing data and figure out what's next.

Our expertise

  • Tight deadlines
  • Fan engagement
  • Client satisfaction
  • iOS and Android app development
  • Mobile strategies
  • Publishing to app stores
  • Communication
  • Analytics
  • Marketing intelligence

Emoji All-Stars leadership

We're not your typical computer geeks. Diverse backgrounds in music, law, and acting help us find creative ways to delight users, solve problems, and achieve goals.

Be a part of the conversation

Connect with us, and we'll figure out how our emoji and stickers can help your brand.