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The most important ingredient for a successful app is a passionate audience

Evan DeLaney, March 21, 2018

For eight years dozens of companies have come to me to help them create mobile apps. I've noticed the key that sets the winning apps apart is they are launched to an enthusiastic crowd of users.


So, when I wanted to use my iPhone programming super powers to create and publish an emoji app, was in a tough spot. I don't have an audience, so I would need to spend money on Facebook and Instagram ads to try and find a group of people excited about my project.

As you know, running plain ol' ads on social media is expensive and results are often hit-or-miss. Ads like the one below didn't have very good engagement, but it did generate downloads.


  • 326,934 strangers saw the ads
  • 16,392 clicked to the App Store
  • 2,162 purchased the app for $1.99

Only a tiny fraction of people who saw the advertisements went on to purchase the app. Why? Because they were seeing an ad! It makes perfect sense why engagement was so low. I hadn’t cultivated a relationship with them. They didn't know me or trust me. I was just some jerk bombarding them with an ad.

Content creators, like you, already have the key ingredient to a successful app.

You've done the hard work to find and reach your audience. You consistently create hilarious, beautiful, and thoughtful content on Instagram and YouTube. Your followers and subscribers love your photos and videos and are attracted to your generous and outgoing personality.

Maybe you’ve already created sponsored media and seen how it helped other businesses succeed.

Imagine how your fans would react if you let them know about an emoji app featuring you and your content. Your engagement and downloads would be so much better than my results and the success would be one-hundred percent yours.

But, you might be thinking it will be a lot of work to create a custom emoji app. Our process takes care of the details - app code, design, illustration. You’re in charge of the ideas and you get the final say. Together we'll create the best app for your audience.

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